Quality Assurance Day 2

1 09 2010

Todays post is in regards to Quality Assurance. I am taking a class on Quality Assurance in the last month of my masters degree and feel like venting on the thought process of Quality in video games. Day one of the class which was Monday 30, August; we went over Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Quality Assurance being the prevention of errors, defects and failures; where as Quality Control is attempting to fix the problem after it has already appeared. The common sense response is why would you want to use control over assurance; and the difference that is argued is money. A team to come in and test/control later on in the project when the bulk of the money has been dispersed (around Alpha and Beta) is easily affordable. But my argument is, why not have a quality standard much like a six sigma or lean system in place to ensure that the game is produced to a specific quality. Now in a real world setting this initial cost appears far greater because the bulk of your QA is done by software engineers, but when the game is being produced with as few errors, defects and failures as they can possibly prevent within a given milestone or sprint then at the end of the production process the Quality Control that could possibly be needed is so minimal a company could almost allocate a single resource that is already receiving pay to fix the problems. As far as implementing a quality standard the number of primary features will be a bit smaller than normal but the overall polish and functionality of the game will increase. this process makes more sense to implement into a new project due to the fact that implementing a standard in the middle of a project could simply be a kill shot for the game. Using a standard upfront on a project would make more sense and simply work much better. This will be a continuous post process, I will most likely post per class or at least once a week. Thanks for reading!!




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