Final Project Culmination =D

21 08 2010

This video link is the presentations on August 19th, 2010 for Digital Alchemy Studios. Once again the game I was an Internal Producer on was Ludus Magnus. We are the first team to present and we were all extremely excited. The game and team were amazing. Over the last 5 months I have had both the honor and privilege of working with this team, and plan to keep in touch with them and hopefully get the chance to work with them again later in my career. The team is as follows: Myself TJ Salvato, Ismael Cintron, Mike McKenzie, Mike Gassman, Kai Ting Yen, Tommy Davidson, Chris Nguyen, Jariin Ostrander, Adam Amos, Jared Frenzel, Joe Joyal and Robert Guyett. It was a long five months but we were like a family; I won’t say that we didn’t have problems but we got through them.

Our team dynamic was amazing and like I said we were a family. We could take a joke and be just as serious all at the same time. We got together on day one and it was like a freight train barreling down the tracks from then on. We all worked our hardest to deliver the best game we could within the five month process. A few weeks ago we were sitting and talking about how if we could do it again we would have done a lot of the tasks differently, and that is incredibly important because we all learned so much from the experience, the one thing that we wouldn’t have changed was the team.

Our game is available for download on our website and you can get in contact with any of us through the website.




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