Final Project coming to a sudden stop!!!

15 08 2010

So for those that don’t know I am in my final months of my Game Design degree and at the very end of my final project. Lead a group of programmers and artists to make a game in 5 months. Easy, right?! Anyway, as of Monday August 16th we are in the last 3 days of production. Overall I am incredibly excited for numerous reasons: 1. I am confident that my team worked to the best of their ability; 2. I took part in making a game and it is my first, Never going to forget it!! those are the most important ones right now. So our game is called “Ludus Magnus”; it is a gladiatorial hack n’ slash with a somewhat cartoony feel. You play the role of Minimus to embark on your treacherous battle for your freedom. We have and endless wave mode that you compete for the top rank on our online leaderboard which can be found on the games website: Minimus Will Rise; I did the design for the layout and my tech lead Mike Gassman, he did the bulk of the programming. We present our game as well on Thursday at Full Sail University at 1 p.m. and we are going to attempt to stream the presentation, check the twitter post on the home page of the website on Wed. or Thur. to get the url for the stream. Also, I am currently applying for jobs as a Producer of some sort; Associate Producer, Producer, Art Manager, etc. I am actively looking or jobs so if any potential employer is reading this my email and other contact information can be found on my website: My Website.

I will post more come presentation day. Wish me luck any comments or questions are greatly appreciated!!

-Tj Salvato




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