Summer Break

3 07 2010

So today summer break officially began for Full Sail students. Prior to today was a rough couple of weeks for Precision Games (My final project team). We put ourselves into crunch mode so our Alpha build of “Ludus Magnus” (Our game) was on point. Luckily, the team acts like a family and our team dynamic is extraordinary. We went from 8 hour days to 12 hour days and doubled the load of work for this milestone. The entire team busted ass to get the job done and for that I am thankful. We presented our game on Wednesday June 30th and it went well. We had a skit to open up the presentation and hype up the crowd, followed by a trailer of the game made by Mike McKenzie; one of the other IPs here at Precision Games. After that we had our Design lead Kai Ting Yen give a brief overview of the game and kind of catch the audience up with the games background; he then passed the mic off to Jared Frenzel, lead animator to discuss the art side of our game. Jared was followed by Mike Gassman, tech lead, to talk a bit about the programming side of our game, then to wrap up the PowerPoint portion Mike handed the mic off to the third IP, Ismael Cintron to discuss a few risks that we are having on production right now and to talk about what’s gone right so far and what hasn’t gone so right. After the PowerPoint presentation Kai took to center stage again to give the audience what they wanted, a visual play through of the game. Kai talked about what was happening on screen while Adam Amos, programmer, played the game. This was then followed graciously by a Q and A session and then finally came to a close.

So far our game is looking amazing and the team is on fire, once our website is up you can expect a link to it and from there you can download the game. Alright, well that’s it for the post, sorry if it dragged on a bit.





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