Day 1… Excited Much?

1 07 2010

So this is the first blog post for my new blog! Just want to say that I am excited to post about my thoughts and just how I am feeling about video games, production, leadership, and probably just a few other random topics.

Soooo to get the ball rolling a bit of why I want to talk about the topics of Video Games, Production and Leadership… First and foremost I love video games… they are amazing and for the most part make people happy! Which is why I chose to engage in the Game Design Masters of Science Program at Full Sail University… if you want more info on it just go to Full Sail’s website and you can learn more there. Now i know the name “Design” makes you think that I am in fact pursuing a path to design video games, if you are one of these people then you are in fact WRONG! The program is all about being a producer and being able to lead a team of artists and programmers to produce a video game and engine to run the video game in a 5 month period. Sooo that is a bit of why I want to talk about production, leadership and video games so keep up and hopefully you will find this interesting.





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